servicios MASS ideas


Corporate and Personal Image

We strive to project the vision of our companies, organizations and celebrities in such a way as to promote them for the most diverse audiences.

Imagen corporativa y personal
Comunicación interna y externa

Internal and external communication

We introduce tools which link the organization staff and are designed to create appropriate channels to the public.

Media training

We train individuals in handling interviews, press conferences and positioning with the media.

Entrenamiento de medios
Estrategias de lanzamiento

Launch strategies

We plan and organize activities before, during and after a product or service launch, making it the new option known by informing about its features and best attributes to promote its acquisition.

Online communications

We develop strategies that combine the opportunity and the ability to synthesize to ensure the efficiency of our online campaigns.

Comunicación en línea
Organización de eventos

Organization of Events

We coordinate every detail to ensure that your presentation, conference or launch is a success.

Prevention and Crisis Management

We have the experience to act with a strategic mind and provide a quick response in view of potential risks or situations that may affect, directly or indirectly, the image of all types of companies or celebrities.

Prevención y manejo de crisis
Relación con la prensa

Media relations

We devise strategies to maintain a close alliance with both the offline and the online media in achieving a presence with audiences and readers of the most prestigious communication media and opinion leaders.

Integral communication

We design programs according to our clients’ specific communication needs through the use of innovative resources and development of tailored contents.

Comunicación integral
Monitoreo de medios

Media monitoring

Internal follow-up on printed media pertaining to specific subjects, as well as electronic media monitoring through external supplier.