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Who we are

A Public Relations and Communications agency with 17 years of experience.

Conceived of as a boutique agency providing services to internationally recognized corporations and brands.

We offer comprehensive services based on personalized attention from our highly qualified staff, who create enriching and lasting relationships with each of our Clients.

We owe our success to the methodology we use, with clear procedures that provide consistency, accountability and quantifiable results for our clients.

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    Thank you for this virtual visit...

    We want to share our success with you: our story of commitment and perseverance...

    In 2017, MassIdeas celebrated its 17th Anniversary. We began by offering public relations services on a freelance basis, and have grown to become a consolidated team of professionals, including a representation in Barcelona, Spain. Over the years, we have become a polished PR firm and have refined our staff into a group of professionals with a Senior profile who offer personalized services to our clients.

    As a result of our dedication and reputation, we constantly receive invitations to participate in new projects from long-standing clients, as well as referrals for new prospects.

    We respond to the expectations of our clients by designing proposals based on strategic thinking using a safe methodology which enables us to achieve the results agreed with our clients at the onset of their campaign.

    We are proud to execute our PR campaigns under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification and at the same time, keep flexibility and creativity in our daily operation.

    We stay abreast of the various media trends and modes of communication which are always changing in this technological age.

    With high congruence, persuasion and support on universal values we are capable of making our objectives into success stories and continued growth. We use this approach with our clients, our business partners, and especially with our own staff.

    Let us be a part of your success story.

    Delia Amézquita

    Founder and Managing Director

    Delia Amézquita
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    • A strategic vision
    • Market expertise
    • Experience across diverse sectors
    • A Multidisciplinary team
    • Market diversification
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    MassIdeas’ Mission is to communicate our Clients’ ideas and facts with honesty, loyalty and enthusiasm.

    Our collaborators and business partners remain alert in making our Clients’ objectives their own, through contributing our ideas, discipline, organization and punctuality.

    We learn from man’s constant evolution, from the information that human beings generate and the conclusion of our own judgment.

    For our associates, each moment represents an opportunity to assist our clients and to contribute to the society in which we live. In business as well as in our private lives, we strive to serve, learn and maintain a positive attitude towards life.


    Our vision is to maintain a focused strategy on specific markets with the conviction that simple, well directed messages yield the best results.

    This is the distinguishing mark that sets us apart, not only nationally, but globally.


    Integrity: We are mindful of our Customers’ resources, as well as those of the agency, utilizing them to the best of our ability.

    Loyalty: Beyond being a good agency or a good business partner we aspire to become the best strategic partner with mutual trust as the foundation for all of our negotiations.

    Enthusiasm: We view each opportunity with fresh eyes and optimism.

    Discipline: MassIdeas performs its activities with discipline, maintaining order and good fellowship under a Quality Management System.

    Organization: We apply effective team work to the attainment of our objectives of excellence.

    Punctuality: We apply every effort in managing priorities and fulfilling agreements.

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    We are the only PR agency in Mexico working with ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification awarded by Ceganor (Spain) and Dekkra (Germany).

    Quality Policy Certificación Certificación

    We are dedicated to providing professional Communications and Public Relations services, fulfilling the requirements and expectations of our customers through values: integrity, honesty, loyalty, discipline, enthusiasm and a service-oriented team.

    In compliance with the regulations and legislation applicable to our Organization and the continuous improvement of our processes.